About Us

Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Social Growth = Enrichment… that’s our recipe for success!

We’ve been hard at work building Prairie Kids Club’s unique, in-house curriculum and helping the roster of classes expand dramatically. When figuring out how to design a class, we evaluate the kinds of physical, mental, emotional, and social growth it will foster. Each point of the curriculum is designed to enrich children on all levels.

Our instructors make sure that each class is developmentally appropriate for the relevant age group. We welcome as much parent feedback as possible and consistently observe how students and instructors interact and which material most inspires, excites, and stimulates the students.  We look for how much joy the student is getting out of that particular class while at the same time ensuring the students are learning basic skills.

We take great care in hiring team members who have a special quality that goes beyond experience and knowledge in their field.  There’s a difference between loving children and loving to teach children.  We encourage staff members to train across disciplines and grow their own skills.